Bangkok’s Chinatown is a thriving neighborhood that has become quite a hip destination lately. It is busy, colorful and noisy. Not much different from the rest of Bangkok. What is different in Chinatown is that the street food has taken hold as the best in town, so tourists and Thais flock to Yaowarat Road, especially at night, to line up in the many food stalls that cook sublime fresh yet cheap food. There are plastic chairs and tables and a very convivial atmosphere. Some of the local chefs are quite renowned, just follow the locals. If you see a long line, it means the food is excellent, so it pays off to wait for your turn. Pointing is the best way to order what you like. A good recommendation would be to watch the sunset in one of the bars in front of the river near the Grand Palace (Inn a Day or Sala) then head for dinner at Yaowarat Road. The area is best explored on foot along the side alleyways.

Image by iPhotoThailand via Shutterstock

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