Or Tor Kor Food Market ตลาด อตก

101 Thanon Kampheng Phet | Chatuchak, in front of MRT Station Kampheng Phet Station, near Chatuchak Weekend Market

Daily from 8:30am to 5pm

Or Tor Kor Food Market is one of Bangkok’s biggest and for a fan of Thai food and cuisine in general, it is a great excursion. The amount of new fruit and veggies you will see is astounding. The colors, smells and tastes bewildering. The salespeople are used to foreigners and usually offer small morsels for you to try. There is absolutely everything you need to cook the best Thai meal of your life. There are also plenty of food stalls serving simple yet delicious food. The setting is of a food market, nothing fancy, but the area is clean and you can try a bit of every stall to make your own feast.

Even though Or Tor Kor is quite up north in Bangkok, away from the central area where most tourist sights are located, it is easy to reach with the subway system. Ideally, go there on a weekend so you can visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market. And since you are in that area, why not spend a few more hours and get some art in your system at the MOCA?

Mark Wiens has an amazing YouTube Channel called Migrationology with videos from his travels all around Asia eating street food and learning how to cook. Here is his take on Or Tor Kor.

Image by TravelVince

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