Radost Disco Grill

Karađorđeva 44 | Savamala | Contemporary

Daily for dinner. It is wise to make a reservation.

Radost Disco Grill was a great find. I was starving, it was raining and all of a sudden I saw that neon sign outside that said “adults only” that got me intrigued so I went in and “discovered” this den of music and great food. I got there early, so there was a table with two ladies having a glass of wine and just me on the other side of the room. There was a small stage waiting for a band that would play later, promising a lively atmosphere. The food was delicious and the Serbian wine by the glass really conquered me. It is a small place so I would make a reservation. And if you are claustrophobic, better choose somewhere else as the place is rather small, cavernous and when everybody decides to light a cigarette (as they always do in Belgrade) it is easy to suffocate. But smoky rooms generally have good vibes, if you try to look at the positive side. Both Ludost and Mladost are part of the same area, a bar and a club respectively.

Image by TravelVince

Image by TravelVince

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