Clärchens Ballhaus

Auguststrasse 24 | Mitte | Beer Hall, German food & Pizzas

Daily from 11am until the last guest leaves
The garden is open until 11pm
The kitchen starts serving at 12:30pm and dance lessons generally begin at 7pm.

This is one of the best-kept secrets of Auguststrasse. If you like salsa, tango, foxtrot or any kind of dance style, this is your place. Get early to have a dance course before you hit the dance floor. Beware that many dancers look (and are) quite professional. It is a very fun place, ideal to go with friends. The food is very good, especially the pizzas. During the warm months, there are outdoor sitting where you can order German food and those huge beers. It is a really good vibe place.

If you get the chance to go up to the second floor (for an event) to visit the Spiegelsaal, you will be amazed and wish you had those tap dancing shoes on!

The garden at Clärchens Ballhaus

The garden at Clärchens Ballhaus

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