Come Buy Bubble Tea

Rosenthalerstrasse 31 | Mitte | Tea, coffee, Asian sweets and another branch at Joachimstahler Strasse 14, Schöneberg.

Monday to Friday from 11am to 9pm
Saturday from 11am to 10pm
Sunday from 12noon to 8pm

From Taiwan to Berlin. Teas with semolina balls. I like the cold earl grey with milk, or the matcha with milk and bubbles. It is an acquired taste. It is all very Asian, with one machine for each step of the tea making art. Enjoy watching the girls preparing your beverage. Be careful when sticking the straw on the plastic cover for the first sip. Quite a lot of Asian students hanging around. Makes one feel far away from Deutschland but in a very good way.

Image from Come Buy Berlin on Instagram

Image from Come Buy Berlin on Instagram

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