Museum Island

Museumsinsel | Mitte

In the middle of Berlin there is an island. This island is filled with art and history. The Museum Island holds not only the Berliner Dom, the city’s cathedral, but the following gems:

  • Altes Museum for Greek, Etruscan and Roman art.
  • Neues Museum with prehistoric and Egyptian art.
  • Bode Museum for sculptures, Byzantine art, paintings and antique coins.
  • Alte Nationalgalerie for paintings.
  • Pergamon Museum one of the world’s great museums with treasures from Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece, Egypt and more. It is undergoing a huge renovation plan so some parts may be closed and off-limits.
  • Islamic Art Museum where you can appreciate art from the Muslim world.
  • Humboldt Forum at the rebuilt Berlin Castle.
  • Image by spreephoto | Shutterstock

    Image by spreephoto | Shutterstock

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