Cee Cee Berlin

Cee Cee is a creative agency based in Berlin focused on editorial projects and corporate publishing. They know what is best, hottest and newest in each and every corner of the city. Their weekly newsletters are famous and a good source of information for up-to-date tips. Subscribe here.

Locals share their insights on Cee Cee's guide

Locals share their insights on Cee Cee’s guide

They teamed up with Distanz Verlag, a Berlin-based publishing house owned by Angelika Taschen and created one of the most beautiful guides to the city. The Cee Cee Berlin is a big guide, not to be carried around while you visit Berlin. It is more of a coffee table book, but one that has to be checked before you head to Tegel or Schönefeld airport. The second edition was released in October 2016 with more up-to-date information. I love their map, much like a TravelVince map, but far more comprehensive. Take a look here.

Cover of Cee Cee Berlin 2 by Distanz Verlag

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