Zitty is a weekly magazine covering all events happening in Berlin. It could be called Berlin’s bible as you will find concerts, exhibitions, shows, movies, bars and lots of articles on the city’s current issues. Yes, it is only in German. However, for the info on what to do, it is quite easy to figure out venues, timings and dates. As for the rest, I suggest you access their website and use Google Translate to navigate (or try learning German, warum nicht?).

Zitty also publishes many special editions throughout the year on Best Restaurants, Bicycle Tours, Lakes around Berlin and so on. You could live in Berlin and still not have enough time to do all that Zitty suggests and recommends. C’est la vie!

Even if in German, Zitty's recommendations are easy to read.

Even if in German, Zitty’s recommendations are easy to read.

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