Quartier 206

Friedrichstrasse 71 | Mitte

Monday to Saturday from 10:30am to 7:30pm

Quartier 206 is a world-class department store with all of those famous labels fashion victims crave for in an area of Mitte where there’s upmarket hotels, bars, restaurants and shops. It is impressive, in its size and architecture as much as in the selection of brands in-house.

Friedrichstrasse was the frontier between East and West Berlin and there was not much in the area during the Wall years. So most of what you see now has been rebuilt to look like it was before the war. There is still a little bit of soul missing in the area as everything is too shiny, to proper. However, it is nice to see all sides of Berlin and if you enjoy brands and luxury, this is your address.

Image taken from Quartier 206's Instagram

Image taken from Quartier 206’s Instagram

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