Berlin Wall

Berliners hated the Wall very much. They were quick to destroy almost all of it in order to forget. There is a line that goes around town marking the ground where the Wall once stood. Specially in the Potsdamer Platz/Brandenburger Gate area it is crazy to see how divided the whole place once was. There are saved parts of it at the Topographie des Terrors, Gendenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial) and the East-Side Gallery. It is very interesting to remember that the division was also underground, meaning a few U-bahn lines started in the West, went through the East, before reaching the West again. There were many stations with blocked access and the Ghost Bahnhof exhibition at the Nordbahnhof shows exactly that. Quite impressive.

mage by Ewais | Shutterstock

mage by Ewais | Shutterstock

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