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The City

Belgrade is a surprising city that captivates visitors with its energy and people. Far from being glamorous, Belgrade is cool. Its cafés and restaurants are up to global trends and standards. Its soul is in transition, from Yugoslav dreams to European desires. Its partying mood is visceral, its people friendly and its streets safe. It is a city ready to be enjoyed full on. And if you are a smoker, you will be in heaven. I fell in love with the place, hope you  will to.


Belgrade Guide Contents

Otpor and Srdja Popovic

Supermarket Concept Store

KC Grad

Courtyard Belgrade City Center

Hotel Townhouse 27

Constantine The Great

Кафетерија | Kafeterija

Elixir Juice Bar

Sava and Danube Promenade

Belgrade Waterfront

Kneza Mihaila