Copyrights Disclaimer

To whom it may concern,

Many of TravelVince’s images were taken from the venues’ websites, Facebook accounts or Instagram feeds. My though was, since those images were posted on the web and social media and will be used to promote the hotel, restaurant, bar and so on, it would be ok to use them without asking for permission. Moreover, I am not charging anyone who visits TravelVince or making a comercial gain with the images.

Extreme care was taken not to use images that had a photographer’s copyright on it and whenever the author’s information was given, it was published alongside the image. Also when uploading each and every image to the site, the information on where it came from was inserted as captions underneath each image.

If you have found one of your pictures or one of your venue’s picture here on TravelVince and do not wish to have it published on the site, please let me know and it will be removed asap. Just email me at or report via de button at the bottom of each tip. Sorry if that happened. For those who let me use them freely, thank you very much in advance.



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