Skydive Dubai

There are two drop zones (DZ)

One at Dubai Marina, overlooking Palm Jumeirah and the other at the desert, on the Dubai – Al Ain Road.

Book well in advance

If there is one adrenaline charged adventure on my bucket list is a tandem jump over the Palm with Skydive Dubai. I really don’t know if I would have the courage to just jump from the plane, but the whole experience does not leave my mind. I even have two friends who said they would jump with me…

However, every time I book a trip to Dubai, the list is full, there is no space and so on. The hardest part might be booking the jump, not actually jumping. This is also because I want to jump over the Palm and not at the desert.

Skydive is part of something larger, called XDubai, a company devoted to adventure, sports and other super thrilling events in the city. If that is what you like, keep an eye on their website for dates and events.

Book a class with @xyogadubai

meet @jetman from @xdubai