Try the World

Try the World gourmet food box | Image from Facebook

??Try the World is a wonderful service that delivers to your door, every month, selected gourmet items from a different country, so you can prepare an ethnic meal to enjoy with friends. Can you imagine how nice to receive all the ingredients to cook a real Indian meal or a Thai feast for your friends? Moreover, with each set, you also receive a Culture Guide prepared by someone from the featured country in order to help you gain a better understanding of the place.

Try the World logo via Facebook

If cooking is too much for you but you still enjoy the discovery of new flavors, you can also try the Snack Box with healthy munchies from 5 different places. Or, even better, you can create your own box to give as a gift at the site’s Pantry.

Try the World is very creative and is an enjoyable way to learn more about the world through our shared values of a good meal with loved ones.

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