Borough Market

8 Southwark Street SE1 1TL | Southwark, South London

Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 5pm
Friday from 10am to 6pm
Saturday from 8am to 5pm

Borough Market is one of my favorite destinations in London, one that I simply must visit every time I am in the city. True that it gets quite crowded on Saturdays, but the amount of nice vendors, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs in the area makes it a magnet for many. There are the fishmongers, the cheesemongers, the vegetable sellers and much more. Chocolates, coffee, fudge, special salts, herbs, wines, beers… I wish I had a nice kitchen in the city to buy groceries there and cook a nice meal for friends.

The market is in between Tate Modern and Tower Bridge. You can take advantage of its location and visit The Shard as well.

Image from Borough Market on Instagram

Image from Borough Market on Instagram

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