Le Fooding

There is a never-ending list of food guides for Paris (Michelin, Pudlo, Gault-Millau, LeBey, World’s 50 Best…) but my all time favorite is Le Fooding. Not that I dislike the pomp of Guide Michelin or the encyclopedic breadth of Pudlo, however, Le Fooding is for me the spirit of the new French culinary revolution, where small restaurants play with fresh and local ingredients and the cozyness, friendliness and whole atmosphere is more real and intimate than at the 3-star Michelin. Well, one is not competing with the other, for sure, but if you want one as a guide to what is new and more authentic (if you can call that), the Fooding’s listings are more my style, and hopefully yours too. They sell a yearly magazine with over 800 restaurants all over France. There is also an app for the iPhone. But best of all is the website, with hotel, bar and events recommendations as well.

Image from Le Fooding online

Image from Le Fooding online

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