Junta Local

Events happen across town. Check their website or Facebook for listings.

The Junta Local is a food market in the shape of a cool pop-up event where there is music, drinks, food and always a good vibe. It follows the trend of the locally sourced, the artisanal, the good quality and, whenever possible, organic. Those producing the goods are behind the stalls, so you get to meet the person who shares a passion for what they do. There are over 40 producers, from beer, to salami, ice cream, jams, bread and cachaça. If you happen to be in town when the Junta Local is meeting, do not miss the event as they are usually in very cool venues such as the Fábrica Behring, Casa da Glória or Praça Mauá.

Image taken from Junta Local on Instagram

Image taken from Junta Local on Instagram

One of the first Junta Local events in Casa da Glória

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