Clarice Lispector

Clarice Lispector is one of Brazil’s most innovative writers who used the Portuguese language with an incredible mastery to bring feelings and emotions out of the combination of words and the cadence of phrases. Her style is almost mystical and her subjects vary from the essays to the novels. Reading Clarice is not the easiest of tasks, but those who fall in love with her books, do so with a life-lasting passion.

Clarice was born in the Ukraine and moved to Recife, in the Northeast of Brazil, with her parents fleeing the pogroms of the time. However, it was Rio where she finally called home, studied, got married, had kids and, later on, lived her last days in 1977. There is a connection between her writing and the city.

One of the best books to understand her life and her body of work is Benjamin Moser’s “Why this World: a Biography of Clarice Lispector”. He translated many of her books into English and fell in love with Brazil through her

For those who enjoy getting intimate with a culture via literature, Clarice Lispector is a good entry point to Brazil in the most unexpected ways.

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