MAR Museu de Arte do Rio

Praça Mauá, 5 | Centro

Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm
Free admission on Tuesdays

MAR, Museu de Arte do Rio, is part of a huge renovation project of the city’s port area, abandoned for so many years and now the main showcase for the Summer Games of 2016. The Praça Mauá, with MAR and the Museum of Tomorrow, has turned into a lively area, visited by locals and tourists alike. ArtRio, the yearly art fair, is also in the vicinity. A leisurely walk from the old centro, from the Paço Imperial to the Praça Mauá is a trip through Rio’s history.

Once you reach MAR you will notice that two different buildings have been united into a museum. The former king’s palace and a modernist old transport hub are now an arts center dedicated to the history or Rio and carioca artists. The collection is still in the process of being assembled, from donations and acquisitions. So come for the temporary events. There is a nice restaurant on the top floor, Mauá, overlooking the bay and the mountains. If you prefer just a coffee, go for Cristóvão Café e Bistrô near the ticketing counter.

Image by Thales Leite from MAR's Instagram

Image by Thales Leite from MAR’s Instagram

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