Maracanã Stadium

Avenida Presidente Castelo Branco | Maracanã

Perhaps a carioca symbol as famous as the Christ the Redeemer, Maracanã is literally the soccer temple in Brazil. Built for the World Cup in 1950, the stadium has been eye-witnessing major sports milestones, like Pelé’s thousandth goal, in 1969, or the final match during 2014 World Cup. After going through a three-year renovation, the attraction is closed again on account of the Olympic Games. During regular seasons, there is a Maracanã Tour available, where visitors can play with interactive attractions, walk around the local museum, step on the field and enter the locker room. Fla x Flu (Flamengo and Fluminense, two main carioca rival teams) is the most iconic match to attend; check the games calendar.

Image by T Photography | Shutterstock

Image by T Photography | Shutterstock

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