Praça Marechal Âncora, 184 | Centro | Seafood

Monday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm
Sunday from 11am to 6pm

A few steps from the Guanabara Bay, near the entrance to the Museu Histórico Nacional, an art-nouveau looking structure that could be mistaken with a fancy and huge birdcage houses one of Rio’s oldest restaurants. The Ancoramar has been dishing out great seafood since 1933. It was called Albamar in the past. With the recent refurbishment, to set it in line with the whole transformation in the Port area, a new name was given, as well as some add-ons to the interior. It may look unassuming from the outside, but once you walk in, you will feel more confident and the food is really good.

Image from Ancoramar on Instagram

Image from Ancoramar on Instagram

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