Dona Coisa

Rua Lopes Quintas, 153 | Jardim Botânico

Monday to Friday from 11am to 8pm
Saturday from 11am to 6pm

Located in a modern two-story house at Jardim Botânico, Dona Coisa is one of the top boutiques in Rio. The upscale multi-brand fashion retailer sells clothes, accessories and shoes from an edited selection of coveted Brazilian and international designers, plus very unique and limited editions. The curated mix of labels includes names like Gloria Coelho, Huis Clos, Isolda, Pedro Lourenço, Melissa and others. The second floor, named Lá em Cima (means “upstairs”), is totally dedicated to objects for the home, books and wines.

Image taken from Dona Coisa's Instagram

Image taken from Dona Coisa’s Instagram

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