Antigua Tazzadoro

Via degli Orfani, 84 | Café

Daily (bar Sundays) from 7am to 8pm
Sundays from 10:30am to 7:15pm

One of the most famous coffees houses in Rome, Tazzadoro (gold cup) is not exactly a cozy place because it is always full of Romans and tourists, avid for a well poured espresso. So be patient and enjoy the nice decoration, almost intact since 1944. If you want to try something that goes beyond the traditional coffee taste the granita di caffé con panna (crushed-ice with coffee with whipped cream), the mother of the Frappuccino. Ideal on a hot Roman summer day.

Recommended by Alessandra Invitti

Image from Tazzadoro on Facebook

Image from Tazzadoro on Facebook

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