Piazza delle Coppelle, 44 | Roman and Italian cuisines

Daily from 12:30pm to 3pm and from 7pm to 11:30pm

This typical restaurant is named after the most popular Italian dish, the maccheroni (macaroni). It is located in the heart of the old city, near the Pantheon. Maccheroni has maintained a charming rustic structure with a welcoming and warm atmosphere. The menu offers traditionally homemade Roman cuisine, as well as Italian regional specialities. I used to have the Ravioli ai Fiori di Zucca (ravioli with zucchini flowers) or Tonnarelli a Cacio e Pepe (typical Roman pasta with Pecorino cheese and pepper). I also recommend the Tonnarelli alla Carbonara. The meats are well served reasonably priced. If you want to feel the Roman atmosphere, sit outside.

Recommended by Alessandra Invitti

Image by Alessandra Invitti

Image by Alessandra Invitti

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