Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta

Via di Porta Lavernale

One of Rome’s best kept secrets, Il Buco della Serratura (The Keyhole) is located in Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, near Giardino degli Aranci. The square, designed by Giovanni Battista Piranesi in 1765, is surrounded by a high wall decorated with neoclassical obelisks and military trophies. A path leads to the famous and fascinating wooden door of the Gran Priorato dell’Ordine property. When you look through the keyhole of this big door you will be surprised. A near perfect perspective of trees and Michelangelo’s dome of St Peter’s right in the center of the small opening. This place was one of the the settings for the film “La Grande Bellezza” (2013), which won the 86th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

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Image by Alessandra Invitti

Image by Alessandra Invitti

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