The area of Jardins is one of the most central and where a lot of the action in São Paulo happens. Jardins means Gardens and you will notice the region is quite green and upscale. It has a square shape with its limits being the Avenida Paulista in the north, the Faria Lima Avenue in the south with Avenida 9 de Julho and Avenida Rebouças to the West and East. The neighborhoods of Jardim America, Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulista and Cerqueira César are all part of Jardins. From the square grid of Jardim Paulista and Cerqueira César, where streets have names of cities in the São Paulo state countryside to the winding European named streets of Jardim Europa, to the opulence of Avenida Faria Lima, this whole region could be considered the new downtown of São Paulo.

Image by Filipe Frazão - Shutterstock

Image by Filipe Frazão – Shutterstock

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