Rua Coropés, 41 | Pinheiros

Monday to Wednesday from 6pm to 12midnight
Thursday from 6pm to 1am
Friday from 6pm to 2am
Saturday from 2pm to 2am
Sunday from 3pm to 11pm

BrewDog has taken the world by storm and has found in São Paulo a captive customer base for craft beer. Brazilians simply love beer and for years they had to drink mostly industrial lager from either Antarctica or Brahma, the two national giants that later became AmBev. So when BrewDog landed with their 15 types of craft beer, it was jubilation and yet another incentive for the fledgling Brazilian micro-breweries. The place is lively, the burgers are juicy and the beer better and better. If you fancy something more “authentic” and with a local feel instead of the multinational behemoth, head to Pirajá, a carioca style boteco a few blocks away.

Image from BrewDog São Paulo on Instagram

Image from BrewDog São Paulo on Instagram

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