Livraria Cultura – Conjunto Nacional

Avenida Paulista, 2073 at Conjunto Nacional | Bela Vista with other branches around town

Monday to Saturday from 9am to 10pm
Sunday from 11noon to 8pm

Livraria Cultura has branches spread over São Paulo and the rest of Brazil. It was the first chain of bookstores in the country to give a lot of attention to the shop’s architecture, to how the books are displayed and to have a café to make people want to linger. Many of the shops are large and even have a small theatre, like the one at Conjunto Nacional, the largest of them all. However, the most beautiful one is at Shopping Iguatemi, with the design signed by architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27.

What is nice at the Conjunto Nacional is that the bookshop has become a meeting point. There are cinemas and exhibition rooms in the building, apart from being one of the most central office spaces in São Paulo. On the ground level, outside the main shop, you can find a special area dedicated to art books by Instituto Moreira Salles.

Image from Livraria

Image from Livraria

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