São Paulo by Julia Bufrem

Image by Julia Bufrem

I live just an hour away from São Paulo (flying) and visit the city as often as I can, especially to see my friends and to enjoy the weekend with them. I usually stay in Pinheiros, which is one of the coolest and ever blooming neighborhoods in São Paulo. With the perfect mix between trendy vibes with old classics, the zone has options for every taste. I often start the day at Diária, the shop owned by my good friends Raffaelle Asselta and Raphael Dias. More than clothes, accessories, art and objects, Diária sells a lifestyle based on the pillars of a stylish and minimalist beach/surf style. In a nutshell: Diária is forever on vacation. I always feel like shopping everything! You’ll probably have the same feeling.  

After spending a few hours with them at the shop (that became a major meeting spot for me my friends) we go for a lunch somewhere in Pinheiros, like the Mercado Municipal de Pinheiros, which had its glorious comeback a few years ago. Fruits, vegetables and delis are now sharing space with various restaurants and shops which are supported by Instituto ATA, from the Michelin star-studded chef Alex Atala. The shops represent the 5 Brazilian biomes and showcase artisanal products related to them. Schedule your visit for lunchtime and stop by at Ceviche, arguably one of the best ceviches (what else?) in the city.

Image by Julia Bufrem

If you love brunch as much as I do, HM Food Café is the place to go. With a peculiar mix of a beauty parlor, motorcycle repair shop, café and a venue for parties and events, you can spend a whole afternoon there without even noticing. The food is absolutely delicious. Last time, I had a huge avocado toast with eggs, banana pancakes and an orange hibiscus iced tea infusion. Perfect!

Walking around the neighborhood, I always stop by at Frida&Mina, a super cute ice cream shop that smells like heaven, since they bake their cones right behind the counter. Among so many different flavors, my favorites are Balsamic Strawberry and Salted Caramel.

Another place I love is Hi Pokee near Paulista Avenue. The pokee fever has arrived in São Paulo and conquered many fans. By the way, this is a sign that soon this gastronomic trend will take over the whole country by storm. The Hawaiian dish is versatile, fresh and can be customized as you wish. Rice, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables mixed together in a bowl are the main course served at Hi Pokee, a comfy and Instagram-worthy place at Rua Augusta, the heart of the paulistano offbeat hype. Make sure to save some room for dessert. The brulée pineapple is a total must!

If you’re looking for different and unusual shopping, I recommend Pair, in Santa Cecília.  Inspired by the “art of simplicity”, the shop is known for its peculiar concept: is the home of everything black & white. Amongst design objects and accessories, you can find pretty much anything from basic t-shirts to avant-garde outfits considering the shop’s color palette. The pieces are selected from super cool Brazilian brands, sometimes in limited edition. No matter what your style is, you’ll probably find something that will add an elegant and edgy touch to your #ootd.

To finish the day with my friends, we usually choose La Peruana, a comfy and cozy restaurant that is also perfect for a laid-back lunch. Reservations are welcome, but there’s no reason to worry: 25m away from the restaurant, you’ll find El Balcón de la Peruana, a charming bar and the perfect place to wait for your table while enjoying a Pisco or a Sangría among snacks.

Time to go back home. After all this eating, I start thinking about my workout routine for the week upon me (nah… no, I don’t) and start planning my next time in São Paulo. If you have any tips, please share! Vince and I love finding new places in the city.

Image by Julia Bufrem