PanAm Club

Alameda Campinas, 150 | Bela Vista

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During the 1980’s, Maksoud Plaza used to be one of the finest hotels in São Paulo, but, little by little, it began to lose its relevance and glamour. However the story is not over yet: Facundo Guerra, a nightlife entrepreneur, saw through the decadence and old-fashioned furniture some charm and “cool factor”. He opened the PanAm Club, a very modern and neon lighted venue, installed at the hotel’s 22nd floor. With panoramic windows at the dance floor, dancers can try their best moves while admiring the city – from the smoking area at the helipad the cityscape is even more beautiful. It only opens for specific parties and events, so check out the schedule before attending.

Image from Pan Am on Facebook

Image from Pan Am on Facebook

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