A Casa do Porco Bar

Rua Araújo, 124 | República-Centro | Brazilian focused on pork products

Monday to Saturday from 12noon to 12midnight
Sunday from 12noon to 5pm

The menu has only one main ingredient: pork – in every way you can possibly imagine. What about a pork sushi? Pork with guava? And pork tartare? Michelin star chef Jefferson Rueda turned his passion for pork cuts and charcuterie (he produces some of the sausages) in a cool boteco (mix of a restaurant and a bar), located at downtown area – which, since its opening, attracts crowds (yes, there will be long lines, especially on weekends). With sophisticated and flawless culinary techniques, Rueda serves creations like “Porco a San Zé”, an 8-hour slow-roasted pork, in a very casual but hype ambiance. For those who just want a quick bite, there’s a window open to the street that sells a yummy pulled pork sandwich.

Image by Alan de Paulo

Image by Alan de Paulo

Image by TravelVince

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