Rua Jeronimo da Veiga, 141 | Itaim Bibi | Bistro with another branch in Jardins, at Alameda Franca, 1088 and at Shopping Iguatemi.

Monday to Friday from 12noon to 3pm
Monday to Thursday from 7:30pm to 12midnight
Friday from 7:30pm to 1am
Saturday from 12:30pm to 1am
Sunday from 12:30pm to 12midnight

Ritz is another paulista institution, opened in 1981 in Alameda Franca. The venue in Itaim Bibi dates from 2000 and follows the same style of red leather chairs, great photographs by Brazilian Bob Wolfenson and black and white graffiti by Giancarlo Latorraca.

Back in the 1980’s it was one of the first restaurants in São Paulo to offer wines by the glass and to hire students for the service staff. It has maintained its cool ever since, being at the forefront of the changing habits of Brazilians. There are lots of salads in the menu as well as dishes most were used to eating at home. If on the daily specials you see the traditional Brazilian rice, beans, fillet, farofa and fries, don’t think twice. The bolinhos de arroz (rice fritters) are also very popular.

Image taken from Ritz's website

Image taken from Ritz’s website

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