Kibe Mahala

Vrbanjuša 164 | Contemporary Bosnian

Daily, except Sundays, from 10am to 11pm

Kibe Mahala is perhaps the best restaurant in Bosnia. With superb views over Sarajevo, the beautiful house is a shop, an art gallery, a fine restaurant and a hotel, with three large rooms. The menu has a good mix of dishes with produce from all over Bosnia. Fresh trout, tomatoes, vegetables and the most delicious spit roast lamb. The side dishes are all very tasty. The Palenta (sour cream with fresh sheep cheese) and the Čušpajz (spinach with milk, rice, butter, garlic and salt) are worth the trip.

There is an excellent selection of regional wines, from Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia to make your meal even more special. Before asking for the check, do not forget to order a Humadžik (date shaped pastry drenched in sweet syrup). Even though they are open for lunch and dinner I would recommend you eat there in the evening. Book a table for a few minutes before sunset. As Kibe Mahala is perched on a hill, it is strongly advised to go there by taxi. Most local cab drivers know where the place is.

Table with a view by TravelVince

Table with a view by TravelVince

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