A short taxi ride from the center of Sarajevo takes you to Trebević, its closest mountain. Along the winding road you not only see green fields, barns and cattle but also great panoramas of Sarajevo.

When walking around the city you will be surprised by the amount of hills and mountains all around. Later, when you hear stories of the Siege of Sarajevo, you start wondering how awful it must have been to have tanks and armies surrounding the city from all sides. Therefore a trip to Trebević puts things in perspective.

It was also here that many of the skiing and bobsled competitions during the Sarajevo Winter Olympics of 1984 were held. Try to reach the top of the hill where the ruins of the bobsled track hold a vivid example of both a golden era in the city’s history and a dark one, because lots of tanks were stationed there.

There is a nice article on the subject at Vice. Just click here to read.

For a nice coffee or a meal, head to the Pino Nature Hotel, that looks like an Alpine retreat.

Image from Pino Hotel's website

Image from Pino Hotel’s website

Image by TravelVince

Image by TravelVince