National Jewelry Museum

موزه جواهرات ملی ایران

Ferdowsi Avenue – at Iran’s Central Bank | Central Tehran

Saturday to Tuesday from 2pm to 4pm

Impressive! Tehran’s Jewelry Museum showcases some of the world’s most intricate pieces of jewelry and incredibly big ones that are probably worth billions of dollars. They were collected by several Persian dynasties, all the way to the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Now they are part of the country’s treasury and are taken care of by the Central Bank. Plan your visit accordingly as it is open just for a few hours from Saturday to Tuesday. After your visit you can have a coffee and a cheesecake at Naderi Café, a few blocks away.

Daria-e Noor, or Sea of Light, the world's biggest pink diamond

Daria-e Noor, or Sea of Light, the world’s biggest pink diamond

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