رستوران مسلم

Traditional Iranian

Panzdah-e-Khordad Street – Grand Bazaar | Central Tehran

Daily from 11am to 5pm

The best way to eat at Moslem would be with a local friend who could guide you around. If this is not the case, here is how you do it:

Get in line. It is usually long but the place is very efficient, so it moves quickly. You will climb up the stairs to order your food and pay for it (you get a coupon). I ordered grilled lamb and grilled chicken. In the first counter you get a small tray with cutlery, drinks and dips. Once you have paid, you must find a place to sit down. Tables are long and communal, so just squeeze wherever you find a spot. Than a waiter will come to get your coupon, confirm your order and soon he shall come with your grilled meat and rice. Once you finish, you just leave your leftovers where they are and somebody will come and clean.

For an excellent tour of Moslem, watch Part 1 of Munchie’s guide to Tehran.

Moslem Restaurant Tehran TravelVince

Image by TravelVince

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