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Jumping my way around the world

• What is your favorite city?

Why do you ask me such a hard question? (laughs) Well, I like cities in general, but of course, some excite me more than others. Los Angeles is a new favorite, with Berlin and Tokyo right behind. In a way, I am very libertine with my love for cities as I tend to love each and every one of them during my visits. However, as of lately I much prefer the countryside.

• Is there a memorable trip in your life?

Wow, there have been so many. But I think I was lucky to visit China and Russia before the big opening of their economies. Going back years later it feels as is Saint Petersburg, Shanghai or Beijing have been transformed into entirely new places. Celebrating my 40th birthday in Barcelona, when many friends came over to join the celebration was also a highlight.

• What do you enjoy doing when traveling around?

Discovering new addresses, be it restaurants, bars, hotels or cafés is always on the agenda. I walk a lot and enjoy getting lost in new neighborhoods. I also try to visit art exhibitions and go to the theatre. But most of all, I tend to enjoy visiting friends and walking aimlessly the whole day chatting and drinking coffee.

• A dream destination?

Mauritania, Sudan, South Pacific, Greenland, Antarctica…

• How many countries have I visited so far?


• With this new Agriculture phase of yours, will you stop traveling?

Not at all. I may have changed the focus a bit, but traveling is part of who I am. However, the destinations from now on will have a lot to do with what courses and experiences I can get to improve my skills. So far I have taken 3 courses, all of them in Brazil (Lila, IPEP and Toca). There are plans to travel to England and France for more. But the rhythm has definitely slowed down and it is good, because it got to a point in 2017 that it was just too hectic. 😉

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