Belgrade Waterfront

From all the flags and signage seen when arriving in Belgrade one would imagine the Waterfront development is already part of the city. However, it is a very controversial undertaking that may still take years for completion. It is where the Balkans meet the Arabian Peninsula with around US$ 4 billion of Gulf money being poured in this mega-project to transform the banks of the Sava in a mini-Dubai. The local population is divided in the issue as it involves not only altering Belgrade’s skyline but also making room for the ultra-rich and foreign investors who, oftentimes, disrupt the local real estate market. I guess it is a wait-and-see situation that will unfold in the next years. At least the building where the Sales Office is located has a gourmet restaurant in the heart of bohemian Savamala. If you got curious, there is this article at The Guardian about it.

Image from Belgrade Waterfront's website

Image from Belgrade Waterfront’s website

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