Livraria da Travessa

Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 97 | Botafogo with various other locations across town, most notably at Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 572 in Ipanema.

Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm
Friday and Saturday from 10am to 11pm

Rio’s favorite bookshop, Livraria da Travessa is a local chain of beautiful stores, stocked with the best of Brazil’s publishing industry as well as foreign titles. If there is a book you are looking for, Travessa will have it. Many independent publishers and authors get a space at the shelves making them a throve of treasures. The bookshops have a café and are open for long hours becoming a meeting point of cariocas at all times of the day. There are book signings almost on a daily basis so you may run into a celebrity or two.

Image taken from Travessa on Instagram

Image taken from Travessa on Instagram

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