241 Victoria Street | Darlinghurst with other locations across town

Sunday to Thursday from 12noon to 11pm
Friday and Saturday from 12noon to 11:30pm

At Messina ice cream is taken to the level of a gourmet experience. The creative flavors will make your eyes and tastebuds work overtime before you get to choose the final flavor for your cone (or cup). It is one of Australia’s most favorite ice cream brands and a place people like hanging out at, especially in the evenings, when the line can stretch around the corner. There are other Messina’s around Sydney but the first and most traditional one is this, at Darlinghurst.

At Messina they love food, so keep an eye for the Messina Creative Department (book in advance of your trip) for a chance of a 7-course meal. There are also ice cream courses at their factory which usually sell out months in advance. So, as you can see, Messina is an institution, part of Sydney’s culinary culture.

Image by TravelVince

Image by TravelVince

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