Niavaran Palace

مجموعه نیاوران

Niavaran Street | North Tehran

Daily from 8am to 5pm (apart from Saturdays when times may vary)

Very high up in North Tehran, away from the polluted air and heat of the city, you will find the last home of the Shah and the Iranian royal family. Amid lush gardens and beautiful constructions, part of Iran’s history has been preserved. The museum is also visited by locals who love to stroll around the gardens. It is not as beautiful as Golestan Palace in the center of the city and was built to look like a European palace, but if you have time, pay a visit, at least to see what remained of a gigantic statue of the Shah, a pair of copper boots.

One of the many rooms of Niaravan Palace. Image from

One of the many rooms of Niavaran Palace. Image from

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