Goings On About Town

The New Yorker is one of the world’s most widely read magazine. It covers politics, fashion, travel, literature, current events as no other publication. Over the years, great journalists have written on its pages. The New Yorker values long format journalism, giving a full overview of every subject covered. It also covers what is on in New York City with an almost encyclopedic zeal, from new movies, hip hop concerts, opera, new bars and exhibitions. To be in the know, download their app for mobile phones called Goings On About Town or just browse the website. There is a wealth of information the fill your every minute in New York City. By the way, this magazine is an institution, with famous artists designing its covers, well-known cartoons and a breath of knowledgeable people behind it.

Image from the app Goings On About Town for iOS

Image from the app Goings On About Town for iOS

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